Our Story

Ciao! Welcome to Lombardo's Lasagneria & Aperitivo.

We are a small, welcoming, couple-led restaurant & bar, located on the outskirts of Sherwood, Nottingham.

At Lombardo's, our menus are inspired by our true knowledge and experience of Italian culture, whilst particularly focusing on lasagne in different variations.

Since June 2020 we have been gradually developing our concept of a Lasagneria, and have worked hard to introduce our food across Nottingham throughout this period by the means of food deliveries, markets, private catering, and pop-up restaurants.

We are now absolutely delighted to be able to welcome you into our own definitive space where you will discover the real & authentic taste of Italian lasagne.

Alessandro & Ashleigh


Our Food

Here at Lombardo's we pride ourselves on offering a rustic, authentic, Italian food experience specialising in lasagne. We love to develop the diversity in our lasagne flavours and recipes, yet continuously aim to maintain the traditions behind Italian cooking. 
We choose to use only the utmost premium ingredients such as, handmade, fresh lasagne sheets, 100% Italian tomatoes, genuine Italian cheeses, and quality cuts of meat sourced from our local, independent butcher.


Our Aperitivo

Italian Aperitivo is a cultural tradition, as well as a specific social period of the day, that is usually enjoyed in Italy between 6-8pm. 
It refers to an alcoholic beverage and a small plate of food that serves as an appetizer before having a late dinner. 
After enjoying so many of our own amazing Aperitivo times in Italy, we decided to incorporate this concept into the late afternoon of our service and offer Aperitivo between 4-6pm. This way, we are able to introduce this relaxed, Italian approach to the day, whilst able to avoid disturbing traditional British dinner service hours.