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Grazie, Alessandro & Ashleigh

Tried 4 out of the 5 lasagne. All amazing and I'm from Italy, so I know about lasagna! My favourite is La Zucca, a very pleasant surprise. Delivery punctual and reheating instructions very clear. 5 stars.


Gorgeous tiramisù, even better lasagne! And the tray size really does feed 6 people amply. Can't wait to have some more.


Amazing lasagne! We ordered tray and it was well worth it, plenty to go around and half and half meant we could have a bit of choice. To top it off, the tiramisù was honestly one of the best I've ever eaten.


Incredible lasagne! We have devoured 2 of the best portions of lasagne ever! Full of flavour and with great layers. You really can tell the ingredients are top quality. I will most definitely be reordering in the future.


As a Romagnolo that was the best lasagna I have tasted. I hope that you grow big and sell the every Italian restaurant in the UK. Showing them how real lasagna is made!!


Thank you Alessandro and Ashleigh, the lasagne was truly delicious and the service was brilliant. We can't wait to try the other variations and will definitely be ordering a tray when our family visits next time.


The lasagna was delicious, full of flavour and very filling. Highly recommended.


One of the best lasagne I have ever eaten in my life. I lived in Italy for 9 years and I have an Italian Nonna and eating your lasagne took me back to childhood memories of being at her house. Absolutely amazing!


Wow! Reliable and super friendly delivery, well packed, easy to reheat and honestly better lasagne than I’ve had in any restaurant! Already worked my way through all of the lasagne flavours, all absolutely delicious! I’ll be reordering time and time again!


Fantastic, authentic lasagne!! Great service and really responsive to any questions about ingredients. Really great value and I will definitely order a tray for my next dinner party. Want to try them all!


I love lasagne and have ordered from Lombardo's a few times now and would highly recommend. Great food and I love the different flavour options.


Finally somewhere I can purchase authentic lasagne. So yummy! Fab service and a really good variety of flavours to pick from. Can't wait to order again.


Fantastico!! Would definitely recommend.


Delivery done exactly at the hour gap selected. Alessandro and Ashleigh were there showing amazing customer service! Yummy lasagnas!


Had the most insanely good lasagne from Lombardo's. Hands down the most authentic lasagne we've had; you can tell they use fresh ingredients and everything is homemade.


It's a really good quality product, very tasty and we are looking forward to ordering again soon and trying your other lasagna flavours. You are going to be popular!


Delicious lasagne in a variety of flavours! My favourite in the pesto but the classic is just as tasty. Great quality and good value!


We are so happy to have discovered Lombardo's. We ordered La Romana and Genova. They were both so delicious.


Just wished to say we absolutely love the lasagne. Great work guys and all the best.


It was fabulous, all my friends said it was the best lasagne they've ever had! One piece left for us to fight over today.


The Inverno lasagne and Bosco tiramisu were both amazing. The eco-friendly packaging was a bonus too. We will definitely be ordering again!


There's lasagne, and then there's lasagne. Good value for incredibly tasty and authentic lasagne delivered to your door. Lovely treat and will be ordering again.


Lovely lasagna and tiramisù, the salads are even really nice too! The standouts have been La Classica and Genova. Will be happily ordering again in the future.


Me and my partner shared a date night package and I almost took the credit when she told me how much she enjoyed it! Really lovely couple and a wholesome introduction when I went to pick up the food!


What’s not to love? The smiliest delivery I’ve ever known and an amazing Italian feast. Lasagne and tiramisu were top notch, just wondering what flavours to try next. Highly recommend.


I am a lasagne lover. I ordered 3 different ones and have just had the Inverno with a Taormina salad. It was amazing. I highly recommend. I can’t wait to try the other 2 which are now in my freezer. Great service and great food.


A great takeaway option with excellent food and excellent service. Tried two of the lasagnas and they were both delicious, perfect comfort food in a lockdown with a glass of wine. I wasn't too sure about tiramisu but it was light and creamy-perfect. We will definitely be ordering again.


During lockdown 2.0 we ordered from the date night menu for delivery. We were so impressed by the ease of ordering, a very friendly social distance delivery and most importantly fantastic tasty food. All packaged really well with easy cooking instructions. The portion sizes are spot on and with a nice glass of red it was just perfect.